Avalon Album Global Chart Stats
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Author:  Alan [ Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Avalon Album Global Chart Stats

A little post on the global chart performance of the Avalon album. I can't find a highest position for Portugal, but it was the 3rd best seller there in 1982. The info I found for Japan shows disppointing sales, (28,370). If accurate I hope they are only for 1982 and that it in fact shifted significantly more over the years. Wiki shows French sales of 379,600 - the source webpage has been archived.

Highest Chart Position (where known)

UK #1
Australia #1
Belgium #1
Canada #1
Holland #1
New Zealand #1
Norway #1
Sweden #1

Switzerland #2

Denmark #4
France #4
Germany #4

Austria #5

Italy #14

Japan #37

USA #53

Year End Charts:
UK #9
Australia #5
Canada #4
France #5
Italy #49
New Zealand #4
Portugal #3
Switzerland #12

Some certifications:

UK Platinum
Australia Double Platinum
Canada Platinum
USA Platinum

France Gold
Germany Gold

Not all charts are available, & album probably charted in for example; Ireland, where all 3 singles from the album made the top 10; Spain, where 'More Than This' single reached #10, & quite possibly Israel & South Africa too.

Would be interesting if the band/management kept a record of the Gold/Platinum discs they received from around the world for the album, especially if it was somewhere other than the expected markets.

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