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Author:  le freak [ Wed Oct 06, 2010 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  NEGATIVITY

Some people have fled this forum because of all the negativity. At least some people don`t post anymore. Are they not able to take part in a thinking man`s forum? Do they prefer blind adoration with gossip and pictures? Are the fans just a small group of people? Doesn`t Bryan Ferry count anymore? The press knock him, but they don`t knock everyone at his age, so what`s wrong with him then?

Author:  Ian S [ Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NEGATIVITY

Negativity is a crafty statement that people use (normally employers or idiots or both !) to label people who don't agree with them. I prefer to call it positive critisicsm. Although I am a big fan, I can't say that I have truly loved everything that Bryan has released. There has been some rubbish in his arsenal. But some great stuff too. And some mediocre stuff .I think Bryan fell out with the music press a few years ago (1976 ?)when he split from Roxy, appeared aloof and even slagged them off when he received some bad press around the punk era and certainly around the release of The Bride Stripped Bare. Julie Burchill and Charles Shaar Murray are two names I remember who used to always slag him off. I think flashing his wealth around with the fancy wardrobe didn't help either. But, I always find the Bruce Springsteen , Bono, Keith Richards rags look a joke coz we all know they are loaded !

Author:  St.Learraine [ Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NEGATIVITY

Constructive criticism seems healthy to me. Nagging and exposing opinions that seems to generalize or slam other tastes or opinions seems childish and immature to me.

E-prime seems to solve that problem as long as one accept that the only opinion is solemnly yours.

It's very easy you know, and allows a broader and more creative and pragmatic discussion. I consider every opinion unique, every human-be-in as well, so why don't we just adopt a way of conversation that build up each differences through dignifying each other the way we tangle to our tastes and likes ..?

Ex: "Beethoven is better than Mozart" (Hopeless)

E-Prime "Beethoven seems better than Mozart to me" or "I like/prefer Beethovens music to Mozart's music" or even, " Some of Beethovens works sounds better to me than Mozarts music" and on...

>Some people use E-Prime as a mental discipline to filter speech and translate the speech of others.[1] For example, the sentence "the movie was good" would correspond to the E-Prime sentences "I liked the movie" or "the movie made me laugh"<

Assertians toward "likes" seems immature to me.. ;)

No offense, only my personal observation. :)

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