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Author:  pianoman [ Sun Jun 16, 2019 4:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Munich

Since I haven't been there this year I looked for the reviews:

(Google Translator with some quick corrections ...)


From “Classic Rock” Online / David Numberger / 12-06-2019


Unlike Bob Dylan, at a Bryan Ferry concert you know what you get. His concerts have had the same dark, dazzling mood for years, he plays the songs everybody wants to hear from him, and he looks perfect. The suit is neither too wide nor too tight, the shirt protrudes just right far under the jacket sleeves, this time the finely dotted tie is neither too tight nor too loosely tied. Sneakers like the Stones wear today in their shows? Inconceivably. The medium brown leather shoes are perfectly polished.

An elegant wave as he walks to the stage in Circus Krone and there directly behind the keyboard. For In Every Dream Home A Heartache from the 1973 Roxy Music album FOR YOUR PLEASURE. At that time, Ferry and Band were about to turn rock into the avant-garde. They ironically took up the musical patterns of the '50s,' 60s, and before, disassembling them into their individual parts and rearranging the snippets in their very own ingenious way - and with that the pop concept of the "remake / remodel" into music. They were the no less radical, British response to Velvet Underground's American art rockers.

Ferry is no longer radical today. Rather, he spreads the grandeur of a dignified aged popper. He weighs the hips in rhythm, prances discreetly. Nevertheless, he does not seem unemotional. The applause after the first song is indeed extraordinary, and he seems genuinely touched, he looks at his accompanists mischievously, puts his hands to his lips and kisses the audience. He almost seems a bit shy.

After Every Dream Home we continue with Roxy Music: Out Of The Blue and The Space Between . Ferry starts his solo work with The 39 Steps , Slave To Love and the Dylan cover Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues . The voice sounds a bit fragile here and there, but it's been known to Ferry for years that he breathes more than sings today. In addition, both his background vocalists jump in reliably.

Then, when something like, no, not boredom but routine begins, the great If There Is Something from the debut album by Roxy Music is just right. With a beautiful saxophone solo. In the end, Ferry simply beats classics on classics. More Than This, Avalon, Virginia Plain. These are just a few. 'Jealous Guy,' sure. At the very end Let's Stick Together. Bryan Ferry will return to the Circus Krone. He will play the same songs again. I will be there.


As for me I hope he will return to Munich. But not with the same setlist :?

Author:  le freak [ Sun Jun 16, 2019 10:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Munich

The last part of his shows are for me the least interesting. However, that`s the part the crowd love the most and he performs at his best. No, he sure is no longer radical today.

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