Studio Album - October 1999

Vozero is the first Phil Manzanera album in 9 years, he spent the most of the 1990's doing session work and producing other artists. On Vozero, Manzanera passionately embraces a Latin flair, expressing his Colombian and British roots, flavoured with his years spent in Cuba.

The result is a selection of sensuous rock tunes which glisten with authoritative guitar, intricate percussives, soaring trumpet, anthemesque bass lines, and sneaky electronics. Vocals alternate between distant voices, heavenly crooning, and choir. You can trust the guitar to manifest as each composition's backbone, from delicate Spanish guitar to outbursts of squealing, ecstatic fury.

This music is ruled by compelling melodies, sinuous rhythms blending with fiery guitar to generate a mood of jungle celebration. Complex riffs cavort through the songs, mating to give birth to even tastier patterns.

Rejoining him for this release are Robert Wyatt (whose distinctively charmed vocals, tricky percussion, ghostly trumpet, and grandly grand piano grace several songs), and Andy MacKay (whose haunting oboe shows up on one track).

The track 'Tropical' was added to the 2005 reissue.

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