Brian Eno and Eddie Jobson

Brian Eno

Brian Peter George St.John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno (b.1948)
Although Brian Eno appeared on 25% of Roxy's recorded output, he was one of the founder members and his influence on the music was a major impact on the original Roxy Music sound. He left on July 1973 and pursued a solo career which included the albums Here Come The Warm Jets, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), Another Green World, Before And After Science with which he continued to work with Andy Mackay, Phil Manzanera and Paul Thompson. He was also a major contributor to the famous Berlin, Bowie/Eno Trilogy the albums of which are Low, Heroes and Lodger.

He has gone on to do many solo works and has collaborated and produced many artists such as:-
David Bowie Robert Fripp, David Byrne, Ultravox, U2, Coldplay to name a few.

In 1988 he met Bryan Ferry while they were both holidaying in the Caribbean, and Bryan invited him to his studio to listen to his latest works when back in London. This re-acquaintance led to Eno working on Mamouna, where he co-wrote the song Wildcat Days with Bryan. He also worked on many pieces that Bryan recorded through the 1990's, that remain unreleased. The song 'I Thought' on Bryan Ferry's album Frantic is a Ferry/Eno composition and stand with some of Roxy Music's finest work.

Brian would continue his collaborations with his Roxy cohorts with appearances on Phil Manzanera’s ‘6PM’ and ’50 Minutes Later’ and Bryan Ferry’s ‘Dylanesque’ and ‘Olympia’ albums

Eno was involved in sessions for a potential 9th Roxy Music album that remains as yet unreleased.

Eddie Jobson

Eddie (Edwin) Jobson was born May 28th 1955 in Billingham, Cleveland, England . He was spotted by Bryan Ferry when he was playing with Curved Air. He first worked with Bryan/Roxy on Bryan's first solo album 'These Foolish Things' in 1973. He was then asked to join Roxy Music for the 'Stranded' album and was with Roxy until their first hiatus in 1976. Eddie's contribution to the Roxy canon and overall sound was a huge contributory factor lending a level of musicality and a new dimension in sound to the band that was new and inventive and crucial to this period of Roxy Music's history.

His talents are best highlighted on tracks like 'Out Of The Blue where his violin work is a stunning climax to this track. His Violin is also featured on the live version of 'If There Is Something' from the 'Viva! Roxy Music' album. His string arrangements on 'A Really Good Time' & 'End Of The Line' and his piano/keyboard work on 'These Foolish Things', 'A Song For Europe', 'Bittersweet', 'Sentimental Fool' & 'She Sells' underlines his importance in his contribution to the sound of the 1973-1976 period that Eddie was a member of Roxy Music.

Eddie worked with Andy Mackay on his 'In search Of Eddie Riff' album and with Phil Manzanera on his 'Diamond Head' & 'Listen Now' album and made a guest appearance with Phil, Paul Thompson & Andy MaKay at 801's Hull show in 1977.

Eddie went on to work with UK and Frank Zappa and has written many TV and film scores. Some of his most recent work was for the USA TV drama, 'Nash Bridges'. Eddie also released the solo albums Zinc & Theme of Secrets.

He co-wrote with Bryan the Roxy song 'She Sells' on the 'Siren' album and also co wrote with Bryan the non album song 'As The World Turns' which was used as the b-side to 'This Is Tomorrow'. Eddie Jobson's Recording Credits:

1973 Curved Air 'Air Cut'
1973 Bryan Ferry 'These Foolish Things'
1973 Roxy Music 'Stranded'
1974 Amazing Blondel 'Mulgrave Street'
1974 Gillespie, Dana 'Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle'
1974 Roger Glover 'Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper'
1974 Andy MacKay 'In Search Of Eddie Riff'
1974 Roxy Music 'Country Life'
1975 Flash Fearless 'Flash Fearless Vs The Zorg Women'
1975 Mike Heron 'Mike Herons Reputation'
1975 King Crimson 'USA'
1975 Phil Manzanera 'Diamond Head'
1975 Roxy Music 'Siren'
1975 John Entwistle 'Mad Dog'
1976 Bryan Ferry 'Let's Stick Together'
1976 Roxy Music 'Viva! Roxy Music'
1977 Roxy Music 'Greatest Hits'
1977 Phil Manzanera 'Listen Now'
1978 Jasun Martz 'Pillory'
1978 Frank Zappa 'Zappa In New York'
1978 Frank Zappa 'Studio Tan'
1978 UK 'UK
1979 UK 'Danger Money'
1979 UK 'Night After Night'
1980 Jethro Tull 'A'
1980 Jah Wobble 'Legend Lives On (Producer)
1981 Frank Zappa 'Shut Up'n Play Yer Guitar'
1983 Eddie Jobson 'The Green Album'
1983 Eddie Jobson 'Zinc'
1985 Piano One 'Piano One'
1985 Eddie Jobson 'Theme Of Secrets'
1986 Spyro Gyr 'Breakout'
1086 Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music 'Street Life 20 Great Hits'
1987 Phil Manzanera 'Guitarissimo'
1990 Curved Air 'LovechildL
1991 Frank Zappa 'Conceptual Continuity'
1992 Frank Zappa 'You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore
1995 Bryan Ferry + Roxy Music 'More Than This'
1995 Roxy Music 'The Thrill Of It All'
1996 John Entwistle 'Thunderfingers: The Best Of John Entwhistle'
1996 John Entwistle 'Anthology'
1996 Frank Zappa 'Lather'
1997 Spyro Gyra 'Best Of Spyro Gyra: The First Ten Years (Synclavier Programming)
2000 Roxy Music 'The Early Tears'
2001 Roxy Music 'The Best Of'