Boston Fan Review from Rick - Sat 21st Jul

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Boston Fan Review from Rick
21 July 2001

Rick from Boston sent his thoughts on the show, and also some wonderful pictures that are included in the Gallery

Roxy Music 7/21/01 Odds and Ends......................

Show started at 9:15 PM with Remake/Remodel. First album, First song, very appropriate.

The set list was the same as the first show on 7/17 except Virginia Plain was dropped for In Every Dream Home a Heartache.
Love em both and having been to both shows glad they changed the list even if it was for just one song.

Avalon was cut short due to Phil's guitar crapping out for whatever reason. Bryan just ended the song gracefully once he saw Phil clapping instead of playing. Everything else seemed to go off without a hitch.

Loved the show but boy does 90 minutes scream by after waiting 18 years.
Andy and Phil sound and looked great! But, does Andy have a back problem? Seems to be very rigid or am I missing something?

Out of the Blue is Out of this World! What a crescendo! Great job Lucy!

The Great Paul Thompson. Nuff said, The glue of Roxy Music.

The Cool Ruler continues to rule, without a doubt.

I envy the folks who are seeing multiple shows, you just can't get enough!I remember at one point in the show saying to myself that THIS is the BEST band in rock and roll history. (Boy was I enjoying the show!)

Well, now that this dream has been fulfilled, I'll be waiting for the next one. New material from Roxy Music!

One can only hope..........................................................

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