Stuttgart: Article from the Stuttgarter Zeitung, 24th September 2001 - Mon 24th Sep

Stuttgart: Article from the Stuttgarter Zeitung, 24th September 2001
24 September 2001

In aller Gelassenheit: Roxy Music in der Schleyerhalle
By juw , translated by Beate Ludwig

Just Coolness: Roxy Music in the Schleyerhalle

It is the coolness. At best smiling leniently, but rather laughing shabbily, that is what you would do if anybody else than Bryan Ferry wore something like this on stage: At first a cheap greasy-gleaming dark suit, then the notorious white dinner jacket and finally a garish silver coloured two-piece. Feeling reminded of the fairground showbands on the neighbouring “Wasen” looking at the golden jacket of guitarist Phil Manzanera and listening to his orgiastic soli. And if all this took place in the plush atmosphere of an afternoon tea-dance instead of the Schleyerhalle - you would not be surprised.

But it is the coolness that makes the difference. It is the coolly-expert quick nod with which Bryan Ferry brings in his musicians. The signal “Okay, let´s go on” Ferry sends, when he cheerfully energetically claps his hands. It is the coolness that makes the men in their fifties assure themselves of their skills.
And it is the nonchalance of their front man Bryan Ferry. Anyone else you would recommend to attend a dancing course. But with Ferry, his mooching walk, the gawky moves and the clumsy teetering of the rhythm rather represent a trademark: Moreover, even the droll outfits splendidly suit the perfect dandy.

With the composure of a long experience Bryan Ferry, Phil Manzanera, saxophonist Andy Mackay and the other members of the band give the song pearls a coherent shape. Now and then Ferry clenches his fist and seems to be mischievously delighted about the perfect ensemble playing of the mature musicians. The gentlemen seem to have a marvellous time, and so have we.

New songs ? Wrong ! But what for. Re-make/ Re-model marking the beginning, to classics like “Oh Yeah”, “Avalon” or “Jealous Guy” to the encores “Love Is The Drug” and “Do The Strand”, nothing is missing of the wide-ranging repertoire of Roxy Music.
The song titles are describing: When Bryan Ferry sings “In Every Dream Home A Heartache” Roxy Music manages to bring a musical dream upon the stage. Just as authentic with the programmatic “For your pleasure” the evening ends with accomplished symbolism.

About the first concert in Munich three months ago we wrote “..drifting by like a never ending dream shimmering in beautiful colours between ecstacy and reality ..”. Yes. That is what is was like today in the Stuttgart Schleyerhalle.”

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