Melody Maker - Sat 10th Feb

Melody Maker
10 February 1979

Roxy Music are putting together their "welcome back" package that includes a new album, single, and a world tour which concludes with a series of British concerts in May.
The album, "Manifesto," will be released to the world on March 2, and marks their return to record after more than three years. The single will be "Trash," and will be out on Friday next week.

Roxy -- Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay, Phil Manzanera, Paul Thompson and newcomer Gary Tibbs (ex-Vibrators) on bass -- are currently rehearsing with an unidentified keyboard player, who replaces Eddie Jobson from the original line-up.

Former Ace keyboard player Paul Carrack played with Roxy, during the album sessions, which have just finished, to Roxy, Jobson will not be touring with the group, according to Roxy, Jobson will not be returning from his band UK, and as yet the band has refused to identify their sixth member.

The Roxy world tour, due to start in early March to tie in with the album, is still being set up, and at the moment it is due to kick off in Europe and then switch to America before going to Japan and/or Australia before winding up in Britain.

No details are available, but a Roxy spokesman said that the band was planning to play Britain in May, touring the country's major venues with between 15 and 20 concerts. The band would be able to play Wembley Arena, he said, but would probably prefer to perform for three or four nights at a London venue like Hammersmith Odeon or the Rainbow.

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