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01 October 2004

"Into the night with/ Au cour de la nuit.." is a production of avanti
media for ARTE/ ZDF. As a kind of double portrait each film features two famous artists together for one evening in a city, that is special to one or both of the protagonists. For example German actress Franka Potente met director John Carpenter in Los Angeles, artist Grayson Perry and German actor Udo Kier spent an evening in London and we've had people getting together in Istanbul, Paris or Stockholm - writers, artists, authors, conductors.

In the next episode - "Into the night with Bryan Ferry and Dieter Meier" - Bryan Ferry is shown around by Dieter Meier ("Yello") in his hometown Zurich. The two of them take a snack in Dieter Meier's own wine-store where he provides Bryan Ferry with the products of his Argentinean Farm. They visit an exhibition of Swiss artist Urs Fischer and do some late night shopping. In the course of their inspiring conversations about music, lifestyle and more private topics a new friendship starts developing.

The new episode is a real goody for any fan of Bryan Ferry - unfortunately only for those living in the ARTE- service area (Germany and France) or possessing satellite TV.

Anyway we would be delighted if you could recommend our film on your

It will be broadcast on the night of October 5th/ 6th at 00:25 h
(CETcet) on ARTE. Attached to this mail you'll find some photos. If you wish to get further information please visit our homepage

I thank you in advance - and if you are able to watch the film: Have
fun !

Kindest regards,

Julia Knaack


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