SAGA Magazine - Fri 11th May

Bryan Ferry - Sultan of Cool Written by Nina Myskow SAGA Magazine Bryan Ferry is not allowed to look scruffy. Seriously. Try to picture him clad in, say, a nasty nylon tracksuit and a pair of tacky old trainers. It just doesn't compute From his lounge lizard days with Roxy Music in the Seventies, the style status of the man dubbed The Coolest Living Englishman has never been in doubt. It would somehow be a betrayal if he appeared looking less than immaculate, and he doesn't disappoint. When he stoops to greet me, his lanky frame clad in a Prada suit, Ferry looks stylish, smooth and effortlessly elegant. And, encouragingly, remarkably young for his years. "Age is extraordinary," he says. "When you see the numbers, in my case 61, you just can't believe it. I feel I should have a stick, because that's how we used to think. Like you were on your way out. I still think I'm on my way in." He laughs, and flings a leg casually over the arm of the chair in the upstairs apartment at his West London studio. Gracefully, of course. He seems much more at ease than the man I remember from 25 years ago, which is when we last met. You always imagine that cool equals chilly and reticent, but he is warm, friendly and unafraid of exposing his more vulnerable side.

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