NME - Olympia - Sat 18th Dec

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This is no disciple-assisted rebirth

by Hamish MacBain

On the sleeve, Kate Moss “reclines seductively” (thanks, Daily Mail!); musically everyone from Scissor Sisters to Jonny Greenwood and three members of Roxy (including Eno) lend a hand. But this is no disciple-assisted rebirth. All these contributors are superfluous, each ending up being merely a tiny part of one long pleasant-but-indistinguishable soup of tasteful sessioneering, over which The Voice totally dominates. Problem being that while the highs – a beautiful take on ‘Song To The Siren’ – are super-high, by the time of ‘BF Bass (Ode To Olympia)’, you feel the need for something other than Bryan’s croon, and it isn’t there.

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