Bryan Ferry Sønderborg Review - Sat 31st Aug

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5 stars out of 6.

"Concert Review : Bryan Ferry has once in a 1920s trip , but he quickly got ears out of the time machine in Sønderborg and gave a quality show.
Bryan Ferry, wind farm , Sønderborg :


When Bryan Ferry a few years ago was asked what he would choose if he could bring something extinct back , he replied: " Good manners " .

The singer began his career in the 70s with progressive pop and eccentric rock band Roxy Music , but eventually he became a delicious dressed guarantor of tradition conscious pop with aristocratic class.

His penchant for old virtues are catching up popular music Stone Age with the new orchestral album , " The Jazz Age" where it stands on pure style exercise in a universe of instrumental 1920s jazz, and the Englishman's musical characteristics are blurred.

The cards on the table : for this longtime fan , it is one of two definite disappointment from the total Ferry / Roxy Music production. The second was the sterile stagnant solo album "Taxi " from 1993.

But when the British artist - laps Saturday night gave a concert on the outdoor stage in Sønderborg , there were two reasons to breathe a sigh of relief : Most of the orchestra - time travel was including a singing Bryan Ferry (opposite the instrumental studio version) , and it turned that Ferry's musical journeymen also be able to rock and pop , so we ended up in the singer's well-known sensual sphere.

Flirt with failure

The song choice was bluntly excellent luxury -pick from all the vicissitudes career. But first got the audience just an intro that smelled of failure. A chattered merrily brass / banjo version of "Do the Strand " , which was a common beach washes compared to the original dizzy avant -groove and intellectual bid for a dance craze . Beautiful " Avalon" was just a bizarre instrumental creature staged in a jovial hyggejazzet event.

But then Bryan Ferry thank god on stage. Dressed in a blanket thick scarf - perhaps to protect the voice, which sounded slightly hoarse. But a little patina on the golden crooning is only a dress accompaniment to his advanced age , and the suit was obviously tailor - focus on pop iconic 67 -year-old gentleman. He sang " The Only Face" so melancholy quivering that it sounded like a solitary sign of life from an abandoned space station on the moon black side . It midnatsjazzede event was sovereign, and the mixture of rock and orchestral blow sparks also urban neon illuminated in " NYC " .

The increasingly enthusiastic audience greeted jubilantly a number of Dylan interpretations welcome. Ferry is a master in this field. He made the otherwise flat came trotting " Knockin 'on Heaven 's Door " to re- grow into the sky with a sensitive moderation, and Dylan's rambling doomsday visions of " A Hard Rain's A- Gonna Fall " was applied impressive vigor in Ferry version .

Most attendance among the 2000 spectators were probably their last diploma of 20-40 years ago, but the outdoor stage was fired with solid gymnasiefest atmosphere when the band sat in a toptændt spurt : The old soul classic and body- shaking " Hold On , I 'm Comin ' " in the company of the wild momentum in the " Let's Stick Together " and " Editions of You " .

Bryan Ferry broke into a broad grin on impulse and were clearly lifted by the tailwind .

" Thank you for coming to this beautiful place ! " He noted during the course of the fantastic finale - ride.

Good manners never hurt anyone ."

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