Jorja Chalmers - Debut Album - Thu 19th Sep

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Album out on September 20th on Italians Do It Better

From Bryan Ferry’s side on stage for the past decade to lighting up your night sky with a neon symphony, Jorja Chalmers’ debut album Human Again is here...Beware!

Human Again was written & recorded by Jorja in hotel rooms after performing Roxy Music & Bryan Ferry songs drenched in sweat each night. Finishing touches were added & distilled inside Ferry’s London studio & then brushed by Johnny Jewel’s glittering hands with Dean Hurley at the legendaryAsymmetrical Studio in the Hollywood Hills. The combination is intoxicating.

Human Again bottles that stark loneliness the artist faces night after night on the road. Sonically, the album explores the spaciousness alive inside the minimalism of Bowie & Eno's Low, her vocal reflects early Laurie Anderson alongside the troubled smoke of Badalamenti's score for Lost Highway, & the impeding doom of Goblin. Chalmers embraces the claustrophobia of a John Carpenter film cut with the patience & precision of Amon Duul. The quest to be Human Again is to be a stranger in a strange land.

In the title track & lead single off the album Jorja longingly asks the listener “Hello, are you breathing?  Can you make me Human Again?”  It is questions like this we must not forget to ask ourselves living in our 24 hour digital world, where every tragedy is scrolled past to reveal another & another. As humanity grows more & more desensitized the insatiable thirst of the neophiliac can leave us feeling emptier & more alienated than ever before. Take a moment for yourself, listen & enjoy. Human Again is music for the living, recorded in real time.

Human Again

Italians Do It Better

September 20 , 2019


1. Human Again

2. Red Light

3. Black Shadow

4. She Made Him Love Again

5. Copper Bells

6. No Words

7. Our Love In A Glass So Thin

8. Suburban Pastel

9. This Is Where The Sky Begins

10. The Sum Of Our Sins

11. She Made Him Love Again (Reprise)

12. Ship In The Sky

Produced & Recorded By Jorja Chalmers

Executive Produced By Johnny Jewel

Mixed At Asymmetrical In Hollywood By Dean Hurley & Johnny Jewel

Photography By Karolina Paczkowska

Artwork By Johnny Jewel

Additional Sax & Vocals Recorded At Studio One By Chloe Beth Smith

Mastered By Mike Bozzi At Bernie Grundman Mastering

Vinyl Cut By Bernie Grundm

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