Concord: Fan Review from Betsey - Sun 5th Aug

Concord: Fan Review from Betsey
05 August 2001

Many thanks to the wonderfully kind Betsy who has sent me this review straight after the show and didn't make me wait all day to here the latest from the band.

The day dawned crystal clear and gorgeous, maybe the band arrived in time to appreciate how beautiful it can be here! A real jewel of a day, crowned by a beautiful show.

Just as the sun set on the golden hills of northern California, and the stars twinkled brighter than the lights on the stage set, Roxy Music came on stage and blew our minds.

1.Remake/Remodel - rocked OUT! I didn't tell the guy I was with where to find Bryan and it took him half the song. "I tried but I could not find Ferry...."

2. Street Life - blasting good follow-up

3. Ladytron - Manzo was on top form, Andy lovely opening, perhaps one false note (sound system maybe), Bryan looking brash and boyish, top voice, great sound system in this outdoor venue, everybody having fun

4. While My Heart is Still Beating - beautiful full sound, Andy blasting away, Bryan in total control, very moving

5. Out of the Blue - audience on its feet and in full cry for Lucy's
gorgeous solo. Bryan loving every minute, prancing gracefully around the stage, out of the spotlight

6. A Song For Europe - Colin's beautiful intro drawing raves from the
crowd, most of whom had no idea what the song would be, just loving the production, the visuals, the fantastic sound of it all. Kid next to me asked what the song was he was so blown away, Thommo pounding on the drums, very visible from where I was, beaming at the crowd - my God, the man looked so strong! The back-projection of Bryan betrayed the youthful boy on stage, a sort of Vivian Gray happening before our eyes in black-and-white, you could see that both were the same person and yet not so

7. My Only Love - the guy I was with practically in tears, no Roxy
aficianado he, but the song was so beautifully done. Bryan's vocals
ethereal, PT thumping the heartbeat, long extended keyboard solo from Bry, Spedding's solo a drawn-out lamentation soaring to an almost full moon

8. In Every Dream Home a Heartache - Bry's vocals now purring, now
growling, fantastic sound effects from the band, no one in the US knows this number but the audience hollering its approval after every line, quiet during each verse straining to hear the words

9. Oh Yeah (On the Radio) Wonderful lovely rendition but too tame for this crowd, they used it to get their breath. As the number was about 2/3 done, Julia walked to Paul and caressed his shoulder, and his grin was about 200,000 watts, what a moment - spontaneous clapping to the rhythm at the end by the audience, they were so pumped

10. Both Ends Burning Maybe the emotional high-point of the show, it
really ROCKED OUT and the audience rushed the stage at this point, I never saw the Dutch crowd again. Bry white-hot on the harmonica, Phil grinning behind him, Andy's sax screaming, everybody on their feet, fantastic

11. Tara Andy and Lucy have woven a gorgeous tapestry of this song, with Colin Good's piano filigree, moody, luscious, melancholy, a duet, a trio, more. Guy I was with starry-eyed, he loves Avalon, never dreamt of this

12. MOTHER OF PEARL!! The wild intro was PERFECT, TGPT thumping, fantastic staccato notes from Phil for several verses, the audience thinking they are hearing something new

13. Avalon I spotted Yanick Etienne, not in the lights, standing near
Ferry, looking delicate and lovely, long braids, such a tiny woman. She was getting cheers from the audience after the third note - wonderful fresh sax solo from Andy, Bry at the keyboards in the rear, the sound full and luscious, not what I heard had happened in Dublin, etc. Did Yanick cause this transformation, or is it the audience loving it so? Her solo at the end drew roars from the assembled mob

14. Dance Away - perfect number for Bryan's sleek shiny silver suit, just before he sang "Now I know - I must walk the line" the backing was just perfection, Andy outdoing himself

15. Jealous Guy Ok we're all jaded with this one but in the US they don't know it was a hit single so it just knocks them sideways. Bry's whistling sounds impossibly strong still, audience totally besotted by now, on its feet, singing along

16. Editions of You Up-tempo, reeling sax, Lucy doing Eno stuff and
drawing raves, fast, faster, fastest, past the Lorelei WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Andy topping his last effort

17. Love is the Drug - 2 Folies Bergere girls show up, Yanick with Sara Browne, really driving the song along

18. Do the Strand - up tempo again, rocking like billy-o, four Folies
Bergeres, feathers strutting, Bryan loving this audience

19. For Your Pleasure in our present state
Part false part true like anything.......

....Old man, we watched you walk away, TaRAAAAA


Fantastic, gorgeous, better than Wembley, they are in fine form and having fun, so pleased with this show, maybe they can't believe it could ever be this good

Good night Avalon, wherever you are.

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