Vancouver: Bowie fan likes Roxy Too - Fri 3rd Aug

Vancouver: Bowie fan likes Roxy Too
03 August 2001

Thanks to Brian for finding this great fan review from a Bowie fan.

Two nights ago I went to see Roxy Music and have a few words of advice should you be anywhere near them on this tour. By anywhere near I mean up to five days journey. Do not under any circumstances miss this show.
Under ANY circumstances. If you are getting married or are going to die put it off another day, give up eating after all food is not "that" important, sell your house if you have to as you can always buy another one and God will forgive you if you have to kill any person that stands in your way of getting there.


They blew the place away from the opening lines Ferry sang, " I tried
but I could not find a way," on Remake Remodel to the closing of For
Your Pleasure. You would be hard pressed to find a line up this talented anywhere. They proved that last night and it wasn't too difficult to understand why they have lasted, either as a band or solo, for thirty years. Longevity is not common anymore and that reflects the calibre of the music industry today. They focused on their early material and you couldn't ask for a better selection. Manzanara just ripped through Every Dream Home A Heartache, Ladytron and Both Ends Burning. He was devastating. Andy Mackay hit it so well all night it was spell binding, especially Song For Europe. Ferry was simply magnificent. One would have thought his voice would diminish over the years but nothing is further from the truth. He didn't miss a note and every song was delivered with energy with the typical Ferry style moves. Mother Of Pearl was a surprise and he did a wonderful version and While My Heart Is Still Beating. Of special note was Jealous Guy. It was a highlight as they played it better than perfect. Actually the whole thing was better than perfect. Ferry doubled the whistling part and it was quite a moment. Every note, not one miss and you could have heard a pin drop the place was so quiet.

Of special note is a girl named Lucy Wilkins who played violin,
keyboards and synth. I never could picture this happening or ever
thought I would make such a statement but she did the violin work in Out Of The Blue so well you would have sworn it was Eddie Jobson. I know that is difficult to believe but it is true and this is coming from a Jobson fan.

This rates as one of the finest concerts I have ever seen and those who have seen it will readily agree. Try to get to it at any cost. It's worth the price.

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