Atlanta: Love is the Drug - Thu 26th Jul

Atlanta: Love is the Drug
26 July 2001

This review by Andisheh Nouaree was seen in a local Atlanta street paper, "Creative Loafing" by Maggie.

"Love is the drug: I was able to attend Roxy Music's reunion
tour show at Chastain Thursday. However the performers almost missed
it. They very nearly didn't make it back to Atlanta in time from
their New York shopping trip. The band arrived at the venue so late
they didn't even have a chance to soundcheck. They're as well known
in this country for their style as they are for their music, so that's
somehow excusable. Their tardiness did allow me to hang out for a
while at the box office window, where I learned that, for some reason,
the A-L will call window is a lot busier than the M-Z window.
The band was magnificent. They broke up in the early 80s and I
never thought I'd see them live. Their set emphasized their early-70s
quirky art-rock songs such as "In Every Dreamhome A Heartache," an
aatmospheric chant about a man's doomed love affair with an inflatable
doll. The lyrical climax, 'I blew up your body, but you blew my mind,' is not your typical Chastain fare. At 55, singer Bryan Ferry
still has his matinee idol good looks and is by far the most star-like
performer I've ever seen in person. I hope I look one-fourth as good
as he does when I'm his age. It probably won't happen. I'm half his
age and don't look one-fourth as good now."

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