New York: Ferry Gives Yannick A Hug - Tue 24th Jul

New York: Ferry Gives Yannick A Hug
24 July 2001

Thanks Tim for keeping us up to date with New York news.

The band was actually tighter on night number two in New York. But as a native New Yorker I was ashamed by the crowd for the first hour. The entire crowd wasn't dull and unenthused but the section my companion and I were in was horrible - it was as if they wanted to watch a movie instead of a rock and roll show. But as soon as we headed to the stage for the second half of great music, all was forgiven. Unbelievable. The real Roxy fans were down in the front. Phil seemed especially engaged with the audience and Ferry's grin was sincere. His open armed hug with Yannick was especially "special".

We met some wonderful people. Especially a couple from England -
They had been to many of the shows thus far in England and here and thought last night was great. Us Roxy fans, older and young alike, have to bond! We also met a great young couple in their twenties who knew all the words to the early songs and we sang them all at the end. Great fun.

I am now compelled to organise a road trip to LA to view the last two shows. It DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS.

And by the way, once you sit in the first few rows, hard to sit back again!


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