Fan Response to The New York Daily News - Tue 24th Jul

Fan Response to The New York Daily News
24 July 2001

Raymond from New York shares his response to the music critic's review.

So what does the Daily News know about it? Sweet FA, I would say. We wanted old stuff and we got what we wanted and it sounded as good as ever.

Re-make/Re-model got the show of to a great start. Out of the Blue was brilliant ( the violin solo was every bit as good as Eddie Jobson's original on the Viva! tour ) and banished for ever the disappointment of seeing them play that on the Manifesto tour with Mackay substituting oboe for violin. The only criticism I had, and this amounts to a matter of personal taste really, was that Avalon, Dance Away and Jealous Guy in succession was a little too much of the "lounge " music in what is not a long show. Dance Away is a really weak song, sorry! But they made up for it by turning up the tempo again after those songs.

I have not seen so much performed from Roxy Music, For Your Pleasure and Stranded in the same show for more than 25 years. It was great.

The Daily News said that their lesser tunes had not aged as well as their classics. I thought the classics are some of their lesser known tunes, at least here in the U.S. which only dates to Flesh and Blood really. That reporter was probably the boring w***er who was sitting in front of me and objecting to people standing and singing along.

The only trouble is I have got to get to see them again and try and squeeeze into the XL "For Your Pleasure" tee shirt. Don't they know that we have gained a few pounds over the last 20 years or so. A XXL wouldn't be a bad idea!!!

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