Both Ends Burning in Atlanta - Thu 26th Jul

Both Ends Burning in Atlanta
26 July 2001

Thank-you Maggie for this great review.

The Atlanta date was always going to be different! First, there
was a scheduled concert which couldn't be confirmed for months on end.
Next, we had to wait another month for single event tickets to go on
sale. Then it rained solidly for two days and nights prior to the
Roxy date with forecasters predicting 50% chance of evening thunder-
showers on Thursday, the 26th. Chastain Park Amphitheater is an open-
air venue with no cover. But the concert was confirmed, the tickets
went on sale and the skies cleared at noon on Thursday. Everything
was looking great!
But the Chastain Box Office was telling people that the band had
a flight delay. News came while Rufus Wainwright was on stage that
the band had landed at the airport and were enroute to Chastain. At
around 9 o'clock an announcement was made that there had been a delay
and that the Roxy Music Concert would commence in about 15 minutes.
at 9:15 the lighting guys had climbed their ladders and were in position.
The Roxy Music Imperial Eagle curtain was in place. It was
dark and the amphitheatrer was full of lighted candles.
Chatter, chatter, chatter and then all heck broke loose. Remake
Remodel was in progress! Roxy's assault had begun and they were knocking
our socks off. Phil stole the show on Ladytron and Bryan was in fine voice.
The guys looked just great, braving the stifling heat and humidity in suits
and long coats. Lucy Wilkins absolutely
owns part of Out of the Blue. Andy was magnificent in Song for Europe, but
Bryan was eloquent in both French and English.
Bryan's piano treatment of My Only Love was entirely beautiful while
Sarah Brown and Chris Spedding combined their considerable talents to great
effect. Atlantans were thrilled to have In Every
Dreamhome A Heartache on their setlist. On the Radio and Both Ends
Burning won huge audience approval, especially the latter. The dancing
girls added a touch of camp theater to this quintessential
rocker. Next came the gentle Tara and I must take care of that tear
in my eye for the sheer beauty of the melody and Andy's exquisite sax.
Can it be true? Is that Yanick Ettiene in center stage, standing
in the white light? Thus Atlanta is given the unexpected treat of Avalon
with Yanick's inimitable voice. People were feeling good and dancing and
singing Love Is The Drug and Do The Strand. Wild audience approval. Thanks
said, bows taken and then the discordant notes of
For Your Pleasure and we watch them walk away one by one. Such an emotional
experience for us as they left, not to return!
We later learned that the band sat on the runway at LaGuardia
Airport in NYC for 3 hours waiting for take-off. They literally got
off the plane and took a bus and limo to Chastain and went to work.
They never missed a beat. It was a hot, humid night in Atlanta before Roxy
arrived. I'll always remember this concert. Against many odds, it happened
and it was exciting. Both Ends Burning
alright, alright! Viva Roxy Music!!! Y'all come back soon.

set list:
Re-make/Re-model, Street Life, Ladytron, Heart Still Beating, Out of the Blue,
Song for Europe, My Only Love, In Every Dreamhome a Heartache,
Oh Yeah (On the Radio), Both Ends Burning, Tara, Avalon, Dance Away, Jealous Guy,
Editions of You, Love Is The Drug, Do The Strand, For Your Pleasure

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