Chris Thomas

There are more famous producers than Chris Thomas, but few, if any, can match his incredible resumé since he broke into the English recording scene in the late 60s. For three decades he's worked with some of the most exciting and influential groups and singers in rock music, selling untold millions of records.

Here's a hopelessly abbreviated list of some of the artists he's worked with: The Beatles (The White Album); Climax Blues Band (four albums); Procol Harum (five albums, including Home, Broken Barricades and Grand Hotel); Roxy Music (five albums, from For Your Pleasure through Viva); John Cale (Paris 1919); Badfinger (three albums); Pink Floyd (mixed Dark Side of the Moon); Paul McCartney (Back to the Egg); Sex Pistols (Never Mind the Bollocks); The Pretenders (first three albums); Tom Robinson (Power in the Darkness); Pete Townshend (Empty Glass and All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes); INXS (Listen Like Thieves, Kick, and X); Elton John (a dozen albums, including Too Low For Zero, Sleeping With the Past, and The One); and Pulp (Different Class and This is Hardcore).

Chris Thomas is credited on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums