David Browne

David was thanked on Mamouna.
He is credited on several other albums for various reasons:
Bob E. Bard She Loves Me Not...She Loves Me (1992) Drums
Paul Brady Spirits Colliding (1995) Technical Assistance
Tim Buckley Morning Glory: The Tim Buckley... (2001) Session Information
Depeche Mode Violator (1990) Assistant Engineer
Latin Quarter Long Pig (1995) Engineer, Mixing
Andrew Logan Show Me Your Heart (1993) Engineer
New Fast Automatic... Bong (1992) Mixing Assistant
The Novas Sump'n Else Tapes (1996) Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
Pale Saints Slow Buildings (1994) Mixing Assistant
Darden Smith Trouble No More (1990) Mixing Assistant
Various Artists Friends from Rio (1996) Engineer, Mixing

David Browne is credited on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums