James Sanger

James Sanger provided the programming on Bryan Ferry's I'm In The Mood For Love on his As Time Goes By album. He alos worked with Bryan on hos 'Frantic' album.

James Sanger is arguably the most innovative young programmer working in the UK today. James has worked on new albums and tracks in the UK and US for Dido (from Faithless), Gabrielle, Grant Lee Buffalo, Tricky, Cassius, Screaming Orphans, Suede, Marie-Therese, Fiona Prince, Faithless, Sinead O'Connor, The Pet Shop Boys also fresh tracks from The Cardigans, Bryan Adams and k d lang and singles for Marie-Therese and Headswim.

With Mike Hedges he has mixed the new Cure single 'Maybe Someday' and is remixing tracks for the forthcoimng U2 album and with Ian Masterson (Trouser Enthusiasts) he is remixing French legend Serge Gainsborg.

James is a favourite of such producer luminaries as Mike Hedges, Brian Eno, Rick Nowels, Rollo and Ash Howes and is signed to Chrysalis Music as a writer and to Echo Records as an artist under the name Arc Angel.

James began using computer and hardware sequencers in 1985 starting on Cubase on the Atari and progressing onto Logic Audio /Pro Tools on the Mac. He is fluent in Logic Audio Platinum, Cubase, Pro-Tools and K.C.S and has a conversational level ability in Digital Performer, Music X and Studio Vision-Pro. He has Metasynth, Rebirth, Recycle, Peak, and Alchemy and many other Mac programs.

Equipment : James has a Programming room set up based at Jacobs Studio in Surrey

James Sanger is credited on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums