Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller played bass on Bryan Ferry's Boys And Girls and Bete Noire albums. He also performed with Bryan at Live Aid in 1985. Marcus has done some sessions for Bryan Ferry's 13th solo album due for release in September 2010

Early in life, he felt the pull of R&B - at the age of ten he picked up the clarinet, later adding piano and bass to his musical accomplishments. At age 15, he secured his first professional gig with the New York club band, Harlem River Drive.

Kenny Washington, now an acclaimed drummer, introduced Marcus to jazz; Miles Davis, whose band included Marcus' cousin Wynton Kelly, was an early favorite.
He spent a number of years as a studio musician in New York, making sessions with Arethra Franklin, Roberta Flack, keyboardist Bob James, Sanborn and others. In 1980 he joined Davis and went on to spend two years with the fabled jazzman.

Marcus Miller is credited on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums