Nils Solberg

Nils played guitar on As Time Goes By. He also toured with Bryan Ferry on the As Time Goes By Tour of 1999-2000. On this tour he was a banjo playing part of a Blue Grass Band which supported the main show. He is credited with playing guitar with the singer Claire Teal.
Born in Durban, South Africa, of Norwegian descent, Nils grew up in England. He also appears with groups in clubs and festivals around the UK and Europe. Self-taught, he was given his first guitar at the age of ten and worked himself up through the thriving folk scene of the 1970's. After studying illustration at Twickenham in West London for four years, he found himself doing less drawing and more guitar playing, quickly becoming one of the busiest guitarists on the London corporate gig circuit, regularly appearing in all the top London West End hotels. Apart from playing, he now busies himself with recording ventures and is involved in re-mastering and audio restoration work, as well as design projects.

Nils Solberg is credited on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums