Wilf Gibson

Played the violin on September song on As Time Goes By.
Wilf Gibson, who was a session musician, was recruited by The Electric Light Orchestra, mainly because he was the only one to reply to their ads for a violinist. The reason why they weren't so enthusiastic about him was because he had one big disadvantage: He was a session musician and wanted to get a fixed salary of £ 15 per day. Furthermore, he claimed to get his taxes payed by the band, for which he got the nickname Wilf "V.A.T." Gibson.
When ELO disbanded, Wilf played sessions and also played violin with the Royal Shakespeare Compnay.
In 1990, Wilf Gibson was reunited with his old ELO mates again: When ELO Part II recorded their first album in 1991, Wilf Gibson was playing again with the group as part of the session orchestra, although he wasn't credited on the album. Wilf re-appeared again in 1993 when he played along with his old mate Gavin Wright (1st violin), Bob Smissen (viola) and Anthony Pleeth (cello) as string quartet on "Your Time Is Your Own" from Sam Brown's "43 Minutes ..." album. The song was a beautiful track with violin intro and very up to the front mixed strings. In 1994 Wilf was again quite busy playing strings within the London Session Orchestra, not only on the second ELO Part II album "Moment Of Truth", but also on two very successful albums by Joshua Kadison and Seal, who were both in the Top 20 of the German album charts. Further recording commitments included his work as part of the London Session Orchestra on the string laden hit single "Whatever" by Oasis and on "The Master Plan". He also appeared live on stage with Oasis at some shows and was featured in the video for "Whatever".

Wilf Gibson is credited on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums