Joy Malcolm

Joy Malcolm has joined Roxy Music for their 2006 summer tour and will provide backing vocals.

(From REFUNKT Records)
Joy Malcolm is a vocalist with a truly fantastic pedigree. With a strong Gospel background and strict Christian upbringing, Joy was able to develop a natural ear for music. At the age of 11 Joy began studying classical music and by the age of 16 she was a lead vocalist in the 'Inspirational Gospel Choir', one of the UK's most reputable gospel choirs. This led to her having her first major recording studio experience singing backing vocals for Eighties group Madness.

In 1995, Joy was the main featured vocalist on Incognito's most successful album to date, "100 Degrees and Rising". The promotional tour for the Incognito album took Joy all over the World to countries such as USA, Japan, Australia and New Zealand as well as extensive tours of the UK and Europe.

In addition to Joy's performances on stage with Incognito, she has also had the pleasure of performing live alongside the likes of George Benson, Diana Reeves, Roy Ayers and Chaka Khan to name but a few.

Joy has a long discography of lead vocals, backing vocals and live work with artists such as MC Solar, Maxi Priest, Robert Owens, Jimi Polo, FPI Project, Monie Love, Kenny Thomas and Mother Earth, the list is endless.

Joy has now teamed up with Joey Musaphia to record some tracks for Refunkt. We are truly excited about these projects which are scheduled for release in the Summer. We have great mixes coming on the projects which should hopefully see some strong releases for us.
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Joy Malcolm is credited on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums