Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis plays violin with Bryan Ferry on the sea Chanty's album Rogues Gallery. Warren also worked on Bryan's album 'Dylanesque'.

Warren (born 1965, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia) is an Australian multi-instrumentalist and composer, most famous for his work with Dirty Three. He plays violin, keyboards and mandolin.

In the early '80s he moved to Melbourne and completed a Dip. Ed. (Diploma of Education) in Music and English. He spent two years teaching in secondary schools before resigning.

In the late '80s he started writing music for theatre groups in Melbourne. He is a founding member of the instrumental three-piece band, Dirty Three, formed in Melbourne in 1992. Previously he had played with Charlie Marshall, The Blackeyed Susans, and Dave McComb of The Triffids.

In 1995 Dirty Three relocated to London. They have recorded seven albums, and a soundtrack for the John Curran directed film Praise.

In 1995, Warren was invited to play with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on a recording, he remained with the band and continues to play and record with them to date - having now been part of the last six albums.

In 2002, Ellis released a solo album on King Crab records called Three Pieces for Violin. In 2005 he collaborated with Nick Cave on the award-winning score of the film The Proposition.

In 2006, Ellis collaborated with Primal Scream on the track 'Hell's Coming Down' from the upcoming album 'Riot City Blues'.

Warren Ellis is credited on the following Roxy Music & Solo albums:

Warren Ellis is credited on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums