Jason Sellards

Jason Sellards provided additional programming for the song "Heartache By Numbers" on Bryan Ferry's solo album Olympia.

Jason Sellards (aka Jake Shears) is the male lead vocalist for the American music group Scissor Sisters.

Shears was born in Arizona but grew up north of Seattle, on San Juan Island. While living on San Juan he went to school at Friday Harbor High School. When he was 15 he moved into the dorm at The Northwest School in Seattle and finished high school there. Shears attended Occidental College in Los Angeles. When Shears was 19, he traveled to Lexington, Kentucky to visit a classmate, who introduced him to Scott Hoffman (Babydaddy) – who also contributes to “Heartache By Numbers”. Shears and Hoffman hit it off immediately and, a year later, both moved to New York – forming The Scissor Sisters in 2001.

Jason Sellards is credited on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums