Steve Jones

Steve started his career as a guitarist with ex-Dead Can Dance vocalist Brendan Perry back in 1999. His use of technology to produce evolving textured sounds became something of a signature in the years to come, leading to work with artists including uber-producer Brian Eno and renowned French band AIR, with whom he toured extensively in 2007-8.

On moving to London in 2000, Steve joined Ronan Keating’s band for multiple world tours, but also spent much of his spare time developing web applications to fuel his love of technology. He was involved with the development of Native Instruments “Guitar Rig” software, introducing the concept of modifiers and the Live View. Steve is also a beta tester for software company “Sonic Charge”, having contributed to the development of their acclaimed Microtonic plugin.

While taking a break from touring after the birth of his son in 2005, Steve set up a web design company, developing sites for many multi-national companies and artists, including AIR, Brendan Perry and Leo Abrahams. He continues to develop both web and iOS apps alongside music, being mainly interested in how all the pieces fit together in the current climate of social media and web technology being important for the music industry.

In 2010 Steve went back to a more rootsy style for a tour with Tim Robbins and the Rogues Gallery Band before settling back into the role as soundscape-maker with film composers Craig Armstrong and David Holmes, with whom he has recently been working on “71”, due for release in 2014.

Steve’s current music project, Ramshackle Crow sees his web, iOS programming and team-building skills all brought together for the first time - having built a fully featured website, designed an iPad feature to accompany the album release and bringing in various experts across the fields of music and design to fill in the knowledge gaps.

Steve Jones is credited on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums