Manchester Set List Added

10 March 2007

BRYAN FERRY TOUR DATES, TICKET SALES & SET LISTS Tour Dates & Ticket Sales **NEW DATES ADDED IN MUNICH & PRAGUE** The set list for tonight's show at Manchester be found HERE An interview with Bryan Ferry can be seen on French TV in a show called Café Picouly Click "voir la video integrale" and then fast forward to 37:00 minutes. Bryan Ferry will also be on French TV on Friday 9th March. Bryan will be a guest on "Le Grand Journal" on Canal Plus channel from 7.10 P.M. to 8.50 P.M. (Thanks to Niloufar Niayesh) Bryan Ferry will be on French TV on the show Taratata on 16th March on France 4. Bryan Performs 2 songs one with the top model Carla Bruni. (Thanks to David Besnard) Reviews of the current tour can be read here. NEW BRYAN FERRY ALBUM Read all about Dylanesque The forthcoming TV and Radio promotion is: THURSDAY 15th March 2007 Bryan Ferry is a guest on Mark Radcliffe's show on Thursday 15th March on BBC Radio 2 from 10:30PM - Midnight. The German TV show Aspekte featuring Bryan Ferry is now scheduled for 16.03.2007 on ZDF An article/interview with Bryan can be found in this month's issue of 'Uncut' magazine. A 2 page article, a full page advert and a review of 'Dylanesque' can be found in the April issue of Q magazine. A 5 page article on Bryan Ferry can be found in the April edition of GQ. Leo Abrahams mentions the BBC sessions on his web diary here. BRYAN FERRY ONLINE Bryan Ferry On AOL The Sun Article The Scotsman The Telegraph Bryan Ferry In Madrid (Thanks to Sabine in Germany for sending this link.) A clip of Bryan Ferry introducing Lou Reed for the French TV show Taratata can be seen here. Click on the screen Mon Taratata A Moi(BF 5 minutes in after Sting)

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