11 January 2016

I woke up today to the sad news that Mr David Bowie has passed away. David Jones became David Bowie in 1969 when he released his first hit Space Oddity and died 2 days after he became 69 with his latest album yet again the buzz of the music world.

Many Roxy Music fans were also David Bowie fans and vice versa and I am no exception. The Ziggy & Aladdin Sane LP's shared space on the same shelf as For Your Pleasure & Stranded in many homes throughout the world. Bowie & Roxy Music were such a "pair" like The Beatles & Stones, Blur & Oasis

David Bowie was also a huge Roxy Music  fan. He covered 'If There Is Something' and also had Roxy as a support band in their early days and often championed Roxy as a band and Bryan Ferry as songwriter. He had many albums that you could describe as seminal including the Berlin trio which he wrote and recorded with Roxy's Brian Eno.

Hearing of his passing, such a musical icon is immensely sad that one of our 'Heroes' has gone.

David Bowie has left behind a huge musical legacy that has influenced so many other big names that followed. They stood on the shoulders of this musical giant so they could see further.

We have lost a true hero, not just for one day but forever, but his music will live on. His son Duncan and his daughter Alexandria have lost something bigger than that though.... their loving doting dad ...... and that's the biggest hero anyone can lose

I am sure I speak on behalf of many Roxy Music fans that today our thoughts are with his wife Iman and children Duncan & Alexandria.

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