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Lyrics to Flight 19

Flight 19

Lyrics to the song Flight 19 as recorded by Phil Manzanera.

Flight 19

(Words & Music by Phil Manzanera & Ian MacCormack)

Friday night she got carried away
Suzie lost everything she see
Johnny found out she didn't understand
She wanted it all, she wanted it all
Saturday she was laughing it off
Johnny's lonely as he can be
Everyone seemed to agree
Suzie don't need sympathy
But Sunday morning she drove her car into a wall

Lonely one, a wall is not a home
Lonely one, a soul is not a throne
Lies are highs, the truth is out on loan

Johnny ran down to the hospital ward
And he tried to apologise
He said " You were too weak and you could not speak
And I've been blind and you know I'm crying
Sometimes I turn off, want the world to go away
But if you ever come around
I'll never let you down"
And the doctor said "Who's gonna pay for the bed?"

Lonely one, you always feel the same
(Why do they want all my time?)
Lonely one, it's such a childish game
(Why isn't anything mine?)
Lonely one, you're going to go insane

Lonely one, the stars were meant for you
Eyes are yours but you don't own the view
Lonely one, do what you gotta do

Time runs out for the innocent man
When he can't get what he wants
Johnny wears shades and he holds a blade
On no, you mustn't do that, you mustn't do that
Sometimes you turn off, want the world to go away
Whatever keeps you alive
All that you need to survive
Any old way to keep the things you know from
Bringing you down

Saint Serene, get me on Flight 19
Saint Serene, get me on Flight 19
Saint Serene, get me on Flight 19

Flight 19


Phil Manzanera released this track as a single in 1977. It was backed in UK with the instrumental Car Rhumba which was left over from the Diamond Head sessions. The b-side in USA was Initial Speed from the Listen Now Album

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