Lyrics to Tambor

Lyrics to Tambor as recorded by Phil Manzanera


When the night falls on raven Havana

And Dona Laura sets the red light shade on the light by her door

I drop by the polo lounge.

Knock back a scotch and head downtown

To where the loud fiesta-crowds converge on club land

And little rich boys and their whores go cruising round the Malecon

While sidewalk sharks scent through the heat

The smell of money on the street.


Tambor tambor

Seems this could last forever more.

If living fast is not a sin

Let the carnival begin

Tambor tambor.


Some nights that old Miami blood boils in the heatwave

And bullets lace the limos lined by the Hotel El Nacional

And though the bellhops shrug their scorn

Foretells a different kind of storm


Tambor tambor

The drums they beat it talks of war

In the villages and the hills

Lurks the misery that kills

Tambor tambor.


Pretty girl too hot to wear that dress so tight

Hang with me I’m booked out on the dawn flight

Let’s party tonight


Tambor tambor

Though this can’t last forever

Give the wheels a final spin

Let the carnival begin

Tambor tambor




Tambor, featuring Gary Dyson was released as a single in Spain. Both sides of the 7" featured 2 different edits to the song from the album version.

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