Lyrics to Dee's Hype

'll say hello
To the people
        (I'll primp and pose
        And speak)
Smile real pretty
At the camera lens
        (And give the fans
        A peek)
Talk kinda sweet
Into the microphone
        (Show them the phoney
        Real me)
Wish we could do it
All alone
        (I was the honest type
        I knew myself
        Or thought I did)
But we need
Some friends
To give us
The Hype

If you're bad
You're good
If you're good
You're better
With The Hype …

Dee's Hype

Album Track

Dee's hype was written by Andy Mackay with Howard Schuman for the second series of Rock Follies broadcast on UK TV in 1977.

Song Musicians

Dee's Hype is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums