Lyrics to Do It Again

Lyrics to the song Do It Again as recorded by Phil Manzanera.

Do it Again

get into my life
It's not late
[You look great]
Let's get it right
Let's get it straight
You are the one
Don't hesitate
The feeling is now
And I can't wait
That's all right, that's okay
Let's do it again

You hit that's pot
I like your style
One more time
Come on make me smile
You got that look
I can't refuse
The night is ours
How can we lose
That's all right, that's okay

*I knew I was tough enough
[Do it again]
I was made of stronger stuff
[Do it again]
You always wanna play it rough
But this is love
So let's do it again

It's in your eyes
It's in your voice
You realise
That we have no choice
You know that you care
Your fate is sealed
The fire that you feel
It burns you up

Do It Again

Album Track

Do It Again was written and recorded by Phil Manzanera & John Wetton for their album Wetton Manzanera.

Song Musicians

Do It Again is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums