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Lyrics to Four Letter Love

Lyrics to the song Four Letter Love as recorded by Bryan Ferry.


One across you break girl
Two downs asleep
Three days a week you're laughing
Before you weep
I got your number from up above
Four letter love
Four letter love
Down to the letter
Oh you'd better count on love

Once I was so lonely
Twice as bad as blue
Three times I burnt my fingers
Still it put the shine on you
Now living's easy
Fit like a glove
Four letter love
Four letter love
Turn on the power
With your fower(sic) letter love

So listen all you lovers
Tell you what I do
Just say you will
And count the kill
And I'll put it all on you
One two three
Four letter love
Four letter love
Don't waste a minute
It was a minute
Before you fall for love
Four letter love
Four letter love

Four Letter Love

Album Track

This was recorded during The Bride Stripped Bare sessions and was considered for the album but was left out from the final cut and was used for the b-side to Sign Of The Times in 1978. The track first appeared on CD on the Japanese Mamouna EP

Song Musicians

Four Letter Love is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums