Lyrics to Goin` Down

Lyrics to the song Goin` Down as recorded by Bryan Ferry.


Written by Don Nix

I'm goin' down
Down down down down down
I'm going down
Down down down down down
I've got my big feet on the ground

I'm goin' down
Down down down down down
I'm goin' down
Going back underground
Oh let me down without a sound
Ooh Oh Oh

I'm going down down down down
I'm going down down down down again
You gonna miss me when I'm gone
Beleive me when all your tears are gone


Goin` Down

Album Track

Goin`Down is a song written by Don Nix and was recorded by Bryan Ferry for his album 'Frantic'

Thanks to Han Snijders for the following information.

The Don Nix bluesrock composition 'goin' down' was first released in '70 by
a bluesband from Memphis Moloch on an album with the same name. Don Nix was
the producer, arranger, sleeve designer.
He wrote the song after he fell out of the window from the second floor
In '72 he played it with his own band Don Nix & the Alabama State Troupers.

With thanks to Swedish Roxy fan Peter Lindquist:-

Going Down: This was first recorded by the blues legend Freddie King in 1971. Don Nix who wrote the song produced the album "Getting Ready" on Leon Russell's Shelter label for King that year. A year later the song was covered by JJ Cale for the album "Really" and maybe this is the source for Ferry's version. We know that he did listen to JJ Cale around that time (The Same Old Blues). Jeff Beck Group also did it in 1972.

Goin' Down has also been recorded by Johnny Lee Hooker, Joe Walsh, Peter Green and a lot more...

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