Lyrics to Good Behaviour

Lyrics to the song Good Behaviour as recorded by Andy Mackay & Howard Schuman for the TV series Rock Follies in 1976

I loved my kids
I called them 'Pet'
I dragged their nappies
To the launderette
I've played a mother
So now I get
Some time off
For good behaviour

And in our bed
He reeked of beer
When we did our loving
Three times a year
I've waited so long
To disappear
Now I'm off
For good behaviour

Booze and music
For me again
And a crop of
Fancy men
With black cigars
Panama hats
Driving Jag-u-ars
Hey hey hey
I'm free again

I washed my kids
I fed my man
I did my numbers
With the frying pan
I served my sentence
And now I plan
Some time off
For good behaviour

Hey hey hey
I'm free again.

Good Behaviour

Album Track

Good Behaviour was written by Andy Mackay with Howard Schumann for the first series of the TV drama 'Rock Follies' in 1976

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Good Behaviour is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums