Lyrics to Hot Spot

Lyrics to the song Hot Spot as recorded by Phil Manzanera.

Words & Music By 
Phil Manzanera, Bill MacCormick & Ian MacCormick.

I just drove in to town today
To sample the flesh pots
And all the girls I talk to say
"We need help at the hot spot"
Well think I got the help you seek
Been deep-fishing all through the week
And I've never been a radio freak
So you can teach me the latest dancing, darling 
Come on, let's go where the night sky breaks 
We've got the noise at a 1000 watts
Where the best vibrations make the building shake
And everybody's dancing, dancing at the hot spot
It's a wild fixation
You just got to know
The neon radiation
Makes your body glow
Well, people told me I'm a lazy dog
Coz I dig to go cruising
And I was riding high on a hog
Untill saw what she was using
I said hey
Baby what do you need a needle for
She said, it used to be illegal
And now it's the law
We are shooting atrophy
Making damn sure
Everyday since they started up a brand new war
Let's go where the night sky breaks
With your flame and your bear-skin rugs
Where the mounting vibes make the building shake
To help our creation
Nobody wants to know
The neutron radiation
Makes your body glow
I said man,
I read about this in a magazine
But I'm not prepared
I can't stand what I'm seeing
There's no fun on the disco scene 
And there's no future in America's dream
Oh no, don't go where the night sky 
Where the white sun rises at midnight 
And there's a heatwave on that makes the building shake 
Everybody's dying, dying at the hot ,
It's a wild fixation
You don't need to know
The neon radiation
Makes your body glow.

Hot Spot

Album Track

Hot Spot was written by Phil Manzanera with brothers Ian & Bill MacCormick for Phil's K-Scope album in 1978.

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