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Lyrics to Always Unknowing

Lyrics to the song Always Unknowing as recorded by Roxy Music.

Words & Music by Bryan Ferry

Following the morning star
But there's no sense
In always running
Take what you want to know
Just give me time
Always unknowing
World passing by
That's how it looks
Always unknowing
Don't you leave my side
There is no sense
In always running
Just one more time
Is all I need
Always unknowing
Hold back tonight
With your sight
Always unknowing



Always Unknowing

Album Track

Always Unknowing was recorded during the Avalon sessions but not used on the album. The song was used as the b-side to Avalon in UK, Europe and Japan and used as the b-side to More Than This in USA.

The track was re-mixed by Rhett Davies for the SACD version of the Avalon album to be released in June 2003.

The track closes with a B.B. King influenced guitar solo played by Neil Hubbard.

Song Musicians

Always Unknowing is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums