Lyrics to Just One Look

Lyrics to the song Just One Look as recorded by Bryan Ferry.


Just one look and I felt so hard
In love with you
I found out how good it feels
To have your love
Say you will, will be mine
Forever and always

Just one look and I knew
That you were my only one
I though I was dreaming
But I was wrong
But I'm gonna keep on scheming
Till I make you my own

So you see I really care
Without you I'm nothing
Just one look and I know
I'll get you someday

Just one look
Just one look
Just one look
Just one look
Just one look



Just One Look

Album Track

Bryan Ferry recorded a version of Just One Look for his 1993 album Taxi. The song has also been recorded by Doris Troy & The Hollies.

Bryan performed Just One Look at some selected dates during his Mamouna Tour. Sydney 27th February 1995 and Hull were known performances of this song until 2003 when he introduced it to the frantic tour at the Reading show.

Just One Look was added to the Avonmore tour in 2015 at the Bridlington show.

Song Musicians

Just One Look is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums