Lyrics to Lamplight

Lyrics to the song Lamplight as recorded by Andy Mackay & Howard Schuman for the TV series Rock Follies in 1976

When Tom and I
Make love
He turns the lamp out
He won't look at me
And I sometimes wonder
Who he sees
When he's making love to me
With the lamp out

When you and I
Made love
You kept the lamp on
In that hotel room
With the empty view
We both smiled too much
Like strangers do
And yet I felt
So close to you
In the lamplight

Then you told me a joke
In the lamplight
And all at once
I began to cry
'Cause Tom and I
We hardly speak
We hardly ever speak anymore

When you had dressed
And gone
I kept the lamp on
I found two grey hairs
On the pillow case
It was all you'd left
The only trace
So distant was
Our last embrace
In the lamplight

And I though of your joke
In the lamplight
And all at once
I began to cry
How often I
Try to find
A little consolation
In the lamplight



Album Track

Lamplight was written by Andy Mackay with Howard Schumann for the first series of the TV drama 'Rock Follies' in 1976

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Lamplight is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums