Lyrics to Law And Order (Live 1977)

Lyrics to the song Law And Order
as recorded by Phil Manzanera.

Law And Order

(Words & Music by
Phil Manzanera & Bill MacCormick)

Saw your face on TV
You said its alright have no fear
I'm here
Panics ended
Your rights defended
From those who tried to tell you
About the other side of life
The strife that's going on
Go to sleep now
Count the sheep now
With us the dream will never end

It's easy to take what you are told
They said we need law and order
But no all your lives are bought and sold
And just for some law and order

Now the days grow colder
The plans they've got for you are clear
So clear
You're not so sure
You want that cure
And those who tried to tell you
About the shit that's going down
Are found out on the moor
But just don't ask how
Curfew starts now
Get off the streets and bolt the door

We'll get away form here one day
I'll take you across the border
There's gotta be somewhere we can stay
Where they don't need law and order

Law And Order (Live 1977)

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