Lyrics to Roller Coaster

Lyrics to the song Roller Coaster as recorded by Andy Mackay & Howard Schuman for the TV series Rock Follies in 1976

We're on a Roller Coaster
And there isn't any turning back
They strapped us in the car
And now we have to ride along their track

When the whole contraption shakes
We're helpless 'cause we've got no brakes
We're on a roller coaster
And there isn't any turning back

We're on a Roller Coaster
And the thing to do is hold on tight
Our future's in the hands
Of some technician who is out of sight
An unknown guy at the controls
Controls our rocks controls our rolls
Our head is full of panic
And we're sure we're gonna die tonight


Roller Coaster

Album Track

Roller Coaster was written by Andy Mackay with Howard Schumann for the first series of the TV drama 'Rock Follies' in 1976

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Roller Coaster is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums