Lyrics to Rongwrong (Live 1976)

I'm looking in my little black book
To see if I was right or rongwrong
Between the lines on the tattered pages
My spiderly writing inclines
I'm old before my time
I feel that I'm growing out of this world
But with the world at my ears
I guess it's true there's no tears, no tears
When things get bad I can always turn into a cloud then
I'll drift back home if the wind will blow me there

Rongwrong (Live 1976)

Album Track

Rongwrong was originally recorded for Quiet Sun's Mainstream. Eno takes lead vocals on the live version performed by 801 during theoir 1976 mini tour,

Song Musicians

Rongwrong (Live 1976) is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums