Lyrics to That Falling Feeling

 That Falling Feeling

Lyrics to the song That Falling Feeling as recorded by Phil Manzanera.

Yesterday you knew what to say
To keep them sweet
But just one fall and it's all you can do
To keep your feet
Yes we know you can't help telling lies
That's too bad, you should have used your eyes
To stop that falling feeling
Moving in

You looked aghast at somebody's past
They claim was yours
Compiled a list of people you'd missed
But you altered all the scores
And when some patients lady happened by
You just bored her trying to find out why
And she sighed 'love, that falling feeling's
Moving in'

Can't you feel it
Can't you feel it moving in?

To find whenever you're right
Is good for you
The signs are black and white
So they can't tell you what to do
And you don't need them now your going down
It's just once so take a look around
And here's that falling feeling
Moving in

You can feel it
You can feel it moving in

That Falling Feeling

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That Falling Feeling is a Phil Manzanera/Ian MacCormick song written for Phil's Listen Now album.

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That Falling Feeling is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums