Lyrics to The Bogus Man

Lyrics to the song The Bogus Man as recorded by Roxy Music.



The bogus man is on his way as fast as he can run
He's tired but he'll get to you and shoot you with his gun

Focused his mind on something he cared about
But it came out a shout just like before

The bogus man is at your heels now clutching at your coat
You must be quick now hurry up he's scratching at your throat

Concealed his doubt by skillful evasion
But he couldn't find out about deception

The bogus man is on his way as fast as he can run
He's tired but he'll get to you and show you lots of fun


The Bogus Man

Album Track

The Bogus Man is Roxy Music's studio track at over 9 minutes long.  The song has been performed on many Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry solo tours.

What Phil Says.....

"There is one particular track on the new album ('For Your Pleasure') which is incredible. It is called 'The Bogus Man' and I never dreamed it would turn out the way it did when we started doing it in the studio."

What Eno Says.....

"We had an undeveloped idea of making something that had a sinister feeling to it, but with that being an undertone with a fairly happy sounding riff; it was just meant to sound uneasy. But the problem until about a week before we did the album was that it was tending to sound a bit 'let's do something sinister', very forced. Then Paul started playing this kind of reggae beat to it, a very bland sort of thing, and John Porter (who's playing bass on the album for them) joined in, which it put a totally different face on it, and it gradually developed parts that were completely incongruous but worked because they were held together by sheer willpower. Andy was playing a kind of a-tonal saxophone part that had nothing particularly to do with the song - the same 12 notes over and over again in different times and inversions, a kind of Schoenbergian thing of all the possible ways of arranging 12 notes. I played a thing on synthesiser that was derived from the sound of a steel band, and Phil played a very simple thing based on echo guitar, repeated. All the elements are very strange but they do work together to give this feeling of something very uneasy proceeding in a direction its not quite sure of. For me it's probably the most successful track because it's the one on which the band is most obviously working together, and it's also got a lot of discipline."

Song Musicians

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