Lyrics to Wolf At The Door

They stole our amplifiers
In Bournemouth
We went in hock
To hire some more
Then we did the gig
Made seven lousy quid
I can hear the wolf at the door
I can hear the wolf at the door

The drummer broke his wrist
In Yeovil
The van broke down
Outside Zennor
A drunken yobbo lout
Punched our roadie out
I can hear the Wolf at the door

I can hear him howling
And licking his chops
Out there in the cold
It's like he was sayin'
You're top of the flops
You'll never go gold

When we began
We had a vision
That dream is rotting
At the core
'cause when you ain't got bread
You'll go crazy in the head
And start to hear a wolf at the door
'cause when you ain't got bread
You might as well be dead
And let that bloody wolf thru' the door

Wolf At The Door

Album Track

Wolf At The Door was written by Andy Mackay with Howard Schuman for the second series of Rock Follies broadcast on UK TV in 1977.

Song Musicians

Wolf At The Door is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums