Lyrics to Tropical

These are the lyrics taken form the sleeve. They are the English translation but the song is sung in Spanish

The gentle wind on my face
Thee malecon in Havana
The heat of the morning
A well played rhumba

The mountains in Caracos
Crazy Nights with Snchez Vegas
The smell of gardenias
The club at night and palm trees.


Girardot with streets of dust
Playing the tiple with Ernesto
A 1950's Oldsmobile
Uncle Paco, the Magdelena river

The open air cinema at midnight shpwing Contifilas
Dancing Cumbia with my cousins
Drinking Cuba Libres at midnight
The Latin Jazz of Pachito


The sea air at my window
The white sand of La Guaira
The 1960's mini skirts
A dark haired girl with high heals

The sound of the Salsa and Corcovado
A well played Bossa Nova
The taste of coffee on my lips
Doing Nothing with my friends



Album Track

Tropical as an additional song added to the 2005 digi pack re-issue of Phil Manzanera's 'Vozero' album originally released 6 years earlier.

The song was recorded between 2003-2005 at Gallery Studios

Song Musicians

Tropical is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums