Lyrics to War Brides.

War Brides.


In 1982 a book called 'Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music'  by Barry Lazell and Dafydd Rees included a discography with every album and single by Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music up to 1981. The surprise inclusion was a single 'Do The Strand c/w War Brides' due for release on Island label in 1976.

There has never been any further formal clarification on this from official sources as to what version of  Do The Strand was on this single and any confirmation about the track 'War Brides'.

Fans and collectors have made certain educated guesses and assumptions as to what this single may have been :

The single was on Island label and due for release around the same time as the live album 'Viva! Roxy Music' so maybe this could have been the live version with the intention of promoting this album.  Andy Mackay was also working on the Rock Follies albums at the time. The second single 'Sugar Mountain' from the first Rock Follies album had the b-side War Brides a 1940's big band sounding song with 3 part harmony female vocals.  It is assumed that an instrumental version of this track could have been used as an Andy Mackay composed instrumental b-side for Roxy Music as were the first 2 Roxy singles.

These are just theories that have been banded around and not necessary the actual facts.

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